Consumer Unit upgrade

For an older installation with PVC cabling, but an old style fuse box, one of the best safety improvements is to fit a modern consumer unit.

  • Old style wire link fusesĀ  can be difficult to repair, and potentially dangerous if not done correctly. Modern consumer units have a simple switch operation to reset the circuit once the fault has been cleared.
  • Older fuse boxes and consumer units may not have RCD protection on any circuit, or only some circuits are protected. RCDs provide protection against electrocution and fire.
  • RCD protection may be provided, but not to the recommended 30mA sensitivity.
  • A single RCD may be provided to all circuits in the house. Under a fault condition power is lost to everything, causing great inconvenience or even danger due to loss of all lighting.

When we install a new consumer unit we will also test and inspect each circuit connected to it. This helps to ensure that future problems are nipped in the bud before they cause a serious issue.